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Mark, Jenna, Mazel, Jessica, Jordan and Michele

Mark & Michele Bloom

I realized at the very young age of 10, I didn’t have the talent to play “The Next Level”. At 13 I found myself pacing the sidelines, much like a coach, only with a camera in my hand. Little did I know this dream would become my work, my PASSION! Upon graduating Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara (BA-1991), I was chosen to train with Sports Illustrated. The experience was out of this world!!

For Michele, photography was an escape from the sports she played. Unlike me, she had the talent to play “The Next Level”. Michele played basketball, soccer, and softball at Rosemount High School. Michele played college basketball at Wisconsin-LaCrosse. She graduated in 1995, majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Photography.

Michele and I were married in January of 2000. We have 3 beautiful daughters. Jordan, Jenna and Jessica.  

Besides knowledge of photography and of sports, you must have a PASSION for it. You must have a PASSION for athletes and athletics. We have all the PASSION—and it shows!


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